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1st YEAR


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1. Esther casey
2. Olivia low

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Hello Class of 2019!


My name is Esther Casey and I am running for the position of First Year Representative. Over the past few weeks, our professors and student mentors have talked about the importance of building strong relationships with our peers. It is this message of community that inspired me to run for First Year Rep. As we navigate the RN waters, we will face rigorous tests of our academic and emotional prowess, and I, for one, don’t want to go it alone! As your First Year Rep, I will foster opportunities to share the amazing experiences that unfold this year and create safe peer environments where we can learn from each other. Regardless of the results of this election, I encourage you to utilize knowledge and support from the wicked smart students around you. I can’t wait to meet you all!


I have served in a variety of roles that prepared me for the position of First Year Representative. As an Oxfam ambassador, I advocated for women’s rights on campus and across Canada through the implementation of public demonstrations, coffee houses, and guest speaker presentations. At Dalhousie University, I served as a student mentor for first-year students by providing writing and editing assistance and tried my best to be a friendly face as students adjusted to life at school. Finally, I am an advocate for vulnerable populations. From working with dementia clients to volunteering at Ronald McDonald House, I understand the importance of voicing the opinions of others.


Outside of academics, I am happiest outside! Whether I’m running, biking, swimming, or sailing, I love the great outdoors. I moved to Toronto about a year and a half ago and love taking long walks around the city to find interesting places! If you are new to the city and have any questions about life downtown, come talk to me, and I’ll share my (limited) knowledge with you! Travel is also a big part of my life. From jumping out of planes in New Zealand to climbing mountains in Thailand, or exploring Toronto island, I’m always down for an adventure.


Thanks for reading, and happy nursing.


- Esther C.

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