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Hello my fellow Bloombergians!


My name is Ansu and I am super excited to be running for your Canadian Nursing Student Association (CNSA) Associate Delegate this year!


A little about me – I love travelling (as I know many of you do)!  This summer I went snorkelling in Haiti and saw coral reefs for the first time, and fell in love. I hope to travel and explore our beautiful planet many more times throughout my life; the world is truly your Oyster!    Besides that, I also love to workout, dance and recite popular rap song lyrics (I believe everyone has an inner Nicki Minaj).


I graduated from York University in the Kinesiology and Health Sciences program.  I had an amazing experience being involved with, and leading a couple clubs and councils.  I was the VP of Communications for the Kinesiology and Health Science Student Organization (2016) and also the President of a cultural club known as the York University Malayalee Student Association (2016-2017).  What I enjoyed most from these experiences was creating opportunities for the students to have a more enriched academic and social undergraduate experience.  This is something I have a passion for, and it’s what motivates me to run for this position! 


I am also passionate about the discipline and field of Nursing.  We are all automatic CNSA members, and I would be honoured to represent all of you future nurses within this organization.   As CNSA Delegate, I will work to ensure that all of you are connected and aware of the opportunities that CNSA has to offer. I will inform you all on the information of changing ethics and philosophies within areas of nursing that are discussed in the conferences.  I will also be the voice to your ideas/concerns that will create a vision to potentially change the future of Nursing!


I’m the woman for the job at the end of the day so Vote ANSU for CNSA! :)

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