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Nursing Student of the Month

MAY 2018

Jessica Evans

Year 1 BScN

 "Jess is doing awesome work as our Wellness Coordinator. She organized the wellness retreat at the Hart House Farm in Caledon which went off without a hitch. Her hard work allowed us to have a much-appreciated, relaxing, rejuvenating, stress-free weekend away from the city. She also organized a group of students who ran in the Scotiabank 10K. Jess encourages us to keep moving, and always with a smile on her face!"

Learn more about Jess:

1. What field of nursing do you want to pursue?

I’m still unsure, I’m hoping I figure that out soon! I’m currently interested in emerge, l&d and peds

2. Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

I lived in Australia for 6 months and loved every second of it!

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Morgan Hempinstall

Year 2 BScN


"I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of being recognized as Nursing Student of the Month. Morgan is the definition of positive vibes. He is always willing to lend a compassionate ear to everyone in the program. He has exhibited outstanding professionalism and competence in his clinical practice. I truly admire his capacity for authenticity in the clinical setting where his uplifting spirit generates excellent health outcomes for his patients. Time and time again Morgan has overcome adversity but has still been able to maintain his positive energy. He embodies what it means to be an active community member within our faculty."


"I am nominating Morgan because he has the promise to be a truly great nurse in the near future! As a student, he is dedicated, hard-working and incredibly supportive of other students. I know wherever Morgan ends up practicing he will be an excellent team player and make a great difference in his patient’s lives. Morgan is the type of nurse who forms close therapeutic relationships with his patients and is an unforgettable part of their healthcare experience."


"Morgan had a bit of a rough time with his consolidation placement at the beginning but has managed to maintain a very positive attitude throughout. It’s easy to let things like negative aspects of unit culture or a tough preceptor get you down, but Morgan is very resilient and has continuously tried to make the best of his placement. He is appreciative of the good things his placement has to offer and of everything he learns there. He directs his focus on the patients he works with and ensures that they are his main priority no matter what else is going on. Morgan has many other qualities which make him a great nurse – he is respectful, caring, and has a great sense of humor which he incorporates into his work and which I am sure his patients appreciate. Morgan is and will continue to be an amazing nurse and a valuable member of his patients’ care team no matter where he works!"


"Contagious positivity and productive energy in difficult or unfair situations. Morgan is a highly motivated and compassionate student who betters his friends and colleagues at clinical. Amazing nurse and even better person." 

Learn more about Morgan:


1. What field of nursing do you want to pursue? 

As of right now, I would like to pursue acute care nursing in both pediatrics and adults.


2. Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

I love to play the guitar, and am always up for a game of League of Legends with the GloGang to release my post-clinical frustrations.. if we win the game... haha.



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