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first year publications coordinator

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garima saini
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garima saini

Hi everyone! My name is Garima Saini and I am running as the 1st year publication coordinator. Over the years, I accumulated several experiences relevant and advantageous to this position. For example, as a high school student, I was a member of the yearbook committee. Although that experience taught me the basics involved with creating school albums highlighting various events and the student body, it was not until recently that I discovered the joy of creating photo albums. It began with my wish to gift my uncle a specialized photo album depicting his wedding journey. With the help of my family members, I succeeded in designing and then, creating an amateur wedding photo album. This experience revealed the necessity of having a selection of pictures from various angles, each showing a special and unique moment. Fortunately, I enjoy taking pictures and am certain that I will be able to capture the most memorable moments of this school year. 

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