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athletics & recreation first year representative

VIan John Chan

Candidate Headshot - VIAN CHAN.JPG

VIan John Chan

Hi Bloomberg! My name is Vian, and I am running to be your First Year Athletic Representative on NUS this year! Here is why I think I will excel in this role. 


Firstly, I am extremely passionate about athletics. During my kinesiology undergrad, I participated in intramurals, paddled for a dragon boat team, and planned different events to get people active through my position as athletic representative for my program as well as through a multidisciplinary, collaborative community program called KINections. I am also a personal trainer and Fitness and Performance coach at the Athletic Centre and Goldring centre. 


Through these experiences, I’m hoping to apply the skills I learned to be the best Athletic Representative I can be. For example, my familiarity with the Intramural system at the University of Toronto can help me organize and promote the intramural program. Furthermore, my experience as the Kinesiology Athletic Representative honed my event planning skills. Through this experience, I helped organize the Kin Games, where hundreds of kinesiology students every year participate in lots of fun activities. I also helped plan smaller events involving health and wellness through KINections. These event planning skills should help me organize and promote the Annual Nursing Games Weekend! 


Finally, remember the “V” in “Vian” stands for “Vote!” Thanks for listening :)

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