athletics & recreation first year representative

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Hi, my name is Aaron Hou and I am running for the Athletics & Recreational Representative Position. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been immersed with athletics/sports. With my childhood dream to become an NBA basketball player fading away (unfortunately), becoming your first year athletics rep will come in as a close second!


The main reason I want to run for this position is because athletics have always played such an important part in my life. I want to personally share my love for sports and athletics with everyone in the program. It has always been an activity where I can de-stress, stay healthy, as well as connect with my peers. Knowing how much COVID-19 has changed the landscape, it would be an honour to organize events so that we can all once again come together and do the same. I will always be open to any suggestions and be ready to try something new!


Some of the relevant experience I have includes having played and assisted in creating intramural basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams at McMaster University. I have also assisted in organizing a co-ed soccer and basketball teams outside of university. I workout regularly and I love doing sprint training.


I know how important it is for all of us to stay active and to be able to take a breather throughout this program, and I want to be the person to help make it happen for all of you.