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athletics & recreation Second year representative

1 available position

VIan John Chan

Candidate Headshot - VIAN CHAN.JPG

VIan John Chan

Hi Bloomberg! My name is Vian, and I am running again to be your Athletic Representative on NUS next year! Here is why I think I will excel in this role. 


Firstly, I have a year of experience managing intramurals. You may have noticed me in the past year promoting our Intramural programs in class, on social media, and in the Facebook groups. Additionally, my passion for athletics extends beyond intramurals as I did my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. You may also recognize me as a personal trainer in the gym. Beyond my passion, I have administrative experience through the role itself as well as through being the athletics representative during my undergrad and through a community wellness program called KINections. Through my previous experience as the Athletics Representative, I hope to implement new strategies to promote inclusivity, prevent defaults, and most importantly help you have fun! I also plan to utilize my resources as a trainer and coach with Fitness and Performance to help plan free professional classes and workshops to help keep you healthy! 


Finally, remember the “V” in “Vian” stands for “Vote!” Thanks for listening :)

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