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athletics & recreation first year representative

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Jade Gracey

Jade Gracey - Headshot (Athletics)

Jade Gracey

Hi fellow classmates, my name is Jade Gracey and I want to be your 2023/2024 Athletics & Recreation first-year representative. I graduated from UofG, love all things athletics and fitness, and have a really cute dog (in my opinion). Throughout my educational career at UofG, I was determined to get the best student experience possible, meaning I involved myself with teams and clubs on campus. I was a member of the UofG cheerleading team and dragon boat team, both of which I held presidency roles during my final year. In addition, I was voted to be the club representative in the athletics advisory council. In these roles, I managed over 100 athletes in both a professional and personal manner, was involved in organizing sporting and fundraising events, and arranged overall yearly schedules. I have certainly brought these skills to UofT and look forward to getting to know you all better!

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