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Hey everyone, I’m Samantha (Sam works too), your dessert loving (did someone say ice cream?), dog obsessed (yes, that is my dog in the picture, and yes it’s a problem), 5 foot one girl running to be your Junior Social Coordinator. I’m from Markham so bubble tea basically runs through my veins! I went to school at McMaster University (Class of 2018) and majored in Biology. 

For the past 7 years, I’ve spent my summers working for the City of Markham; being a camp counsellor (3 years) and a camp supervisor (4 years). I’m a tiny person with a lot of enthusiasm and very loud camp voice, once you get to know me! A big part of that job involved planning orientation, budgeting, training new and returning staff, planning 8 weeks of fun filled activities for the campers and most importantly, planning socials for my team of 50! Some of the socials that I have planned include: bowling, bonfires, Master Chef, mini golfing, potluck + board games night, carnival, laser quest and dodge ball tournaments. Sadly, this past summer was my last summer working with camps but I want to continue to plan socials and take the experience I have and share it with NUS and you guys!

I believe it is so important to socialize and bond with your team (that’s you guys, Class of 2020!) outside the workplace/school setting. So let’s not only work hard together this year but also play hard! I want to be able to listen to your ideas to plan social events so we can get to know each other a little bit more, let off some steam and try our best to avoid burn out! We're all in this together (insert High School Musical song)! 

But other than that, if you ever want to break out in a camp song, play a camp game, try one of my camp riddles, or talk about dogs, I’m your girl! Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me, again, I’m Samantha and I’m running to be your Junior Social Coordinator!

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