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Hi everyone!


I’m Katherine Duncan (but you can call me KDawg) and I hope to be your associate delegate for the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association. I just finished my undergrad in physiology at McGill and I’m thrilled and proud to be a nursing student at UofT. I am very hard-working, a good listener, and a solid member of any team. For those reasons, I believe that I would represent U of T nursing students very well on the national stage, as well as at the CNSA national conference held annually. Outside of school, I enjoy rewatching the Office, giving my dog Delilah lots of love, and listening to Hamilton. I am a super proud Canadian and I grew up bilingual (EN/FR), and I would love to learn more from our fellow Canadian nursing students and see where we can do better. Most importantly, I am eager to join NUS and work with all of you guys to find out which issues we would like to bring to the table. 

Thanks and I look forward to working with all of you!

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