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junior director of finance

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Abigail Hudecki

Michelle Marquez

Ashwini Varatharaj

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Abigail Hudecki

Have you ever thought to yourself, my life could just be the tiniest bit better if NUS would provide me with quarterly budget reports? Well today could be the day to make that dream a REALITY if you elect me, Abigail Hudecki, as your Junior Director of Finance. I strongly believe in budget transparency and will work to keep you up to date with the details on your dollars. My love for excel spreadsheets is trumped only by my first love, pie charts. So, you can expect to see a variety of colour-coordinated and friendly visuals. I am also excited to deliver lunch and learns about behavioural economics, financial literacy & nursing, ethical investments, writing grant applications, managing a personal budget- or better yet, YOU can let ME know what finance-related information you’d like to know more about, and I will get you the resources you need! Finally, I hope to look into sponsorship opportunities and into looking for ways to offset the costs associated with getting to clinical. In all seriousness, I’ve been working since the ripe of age of 11 years old (no one thinks to regulate professional dog walkers) so believe me when I tell you I understand the struggle & I’ll treat every dollar NUS spends with the respect your hard-earned cash deserves.  Ca$h Rules Everything Around Me – vote Abbey for Junior Director of Finance! 

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