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Melissa Holmes

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melissa holmes

Hi everyone, my name is Melissa Holmes and I am running to be your NUS mentorship coordinator. Despite the crazy end to our year, we have learned so much throughout this year, whether in our skills labs or placements, that are crucial little tips and tricks that we can pass on to the incoming first years. I’m sure we can all remember the weeks leading up to school where we were overwhelmed with what was to come and realized how valuable the amazing second years were. As your mentorship coordinator, I want to facilitate this connection between our class and the incoming cohort to create positive and impacting mentorships. By mobilizing your strengths and knowledge and connecting you with a like-minded first year, I hope to not only support the first-year students but also you as a mentor. In my previous degree I participated in similar coordinator roles and I developed a skillset that compliments the role of mentorship coordinator. After participating in the mentorship program as a mentee, I understand the many questions the first years may have and know how to best prepare you as potential mentors. Continuing HAST workshops and other events to connect the mentors and mentee are initiatives I am passionate about continuing. If elected, I hope to work with NUS and you as potential mentors to create a strong and supportive network with our future classmates and colleagues.

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