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first year equity coordinator

2 positions

Sydney Dobronyi

Katherine Chen

Sydney Dobronyi - Headshot (Equity)

Sydney Dobronyi

Hi everyone!

My name is Sydney Dobronyi and I am a first year BScN student running for Junior Equity Coordinator.

Being an openly queer woman, I understand the importance of representation, and have always been incredibly passionate about social justice. 

My related experience includes being on the executive team of Menstruation REDefined (University of Guelph Chapter), an organization promoting menstrual equity. Specifically, I helped gather menstrual supplies and resources for underserved communities suffering from “period poverty” (lack of access to menstrual supplies).

If you vote for me for Junior Equity Coordinator, I promise to help make meaningful changes to creating a more equitable environment for students at U of T, and especially BScN students.

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