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Nursing Student of the Month

March 2018

Deflina Gagliardi

Year 1 BScN Student

"Delfina is an exceptionally hard worker but also an amazing team player. I have had the honor of working with her in a clinical setting and have seen her provide top-notch nursing care and build amazing therapeutic relationships with patients. Whenever I needed support or back up she was right there willing to get her hands dirty. In a school setting, Delfina has gone above and beyond to help her peers and create a positive learning environment. No matter how busy she is, she has always taken the time to pass on her amazing lecture notes or help further explain concepts. On top of all of this, Delfina continues to work a demanding part-time job. I truly feel that Delfina embodies all the amazing qualities of a Bloomberg Nurse!"


"Delfina's humor and positivity are infectious on a day to day basis. She continuously makes those around her smile no matter the circumstance. She is always willing to help fellow students by sharing notes or offering a push of encouragement. Delfina is one of the reasons I look forward to coming to school every morning."


"Delfina is always there to support her peers. Whether it be by providing notes, clarifying concepts or in clinical. I always feel as though I can approach her and she will help me out. This program is not easy, and without friends like Delfina I’m not sure how anyone would get through it! On top of providing support to others, Delfina also balances school and is working part time at a clinic which is impressive while balancing a full course load and clinical. I’m nominating Delfina for nursing student of the month because I believe that she deserves a shout out for everything she does!"



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Q: Why did you choose nursing?

I’ve always been inclined to health care but it was actually a friend that had suggested so since then I pursued it. Now I LoooooOoOooove nursing. 


Q: Tell us a Fun Fact about yourself!

I was born and raised in Argentina!


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Fidelia Nwabughuogu

Year 2 BScN Student

"Fidelia is a nursing superstar and a role model for me. She has seemingly boundless energy, curiosity, and a passion for learning. You can always count on Fidelia to ask engaging questions and provide thoughtful insights in class, and she was so supportive of me when we were in clinical together. In addition to her studies, Fidelia also works at Holland-Bloorview AND is raising a young child at home! Somehow she manages to juggle everything and still attend classes and clinicals with one of the most positive attitudes I have seen of anyone in this program. Fidelia is long overdue for recognition as Nursing Student of the Month!"


"Fidelia is easily one of the smartest people I have ever met in my life! The passion for learning that she brings to our classroom and clinical settings is unique, yet infectious. She works so hard and she is a true testament to the strength of parents in this program who balance so much and still manage to excel academically and clinically. On a personal level, what I appreciate most about Fidelia, is how willing and open she is to see disparate viewpoints on the same situations. She openly offers her ethical and moral take on clinical situations and class content yet remains open to the plurality of viewpoints on so many things. Because she can hold this type of space, she is bound to be an excellent clinician, and passionate advocate in partnership with patients. I am so happy to call her a colleague and friend. <3"


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Q. Why did you choose nursing?

I chose nursing because I wanted a second career and a new beginning. It was a difficult decision to return to school as a new mum raising my 13 months old daughter. However, choosing nursing is probably the best decision I have made in my academic life. Nursing allows you to bear witness to people's suffering in a way that allows you to support and guide them through difficult times. It's the most personal profession and for me, it is a calling. 


Q: Tell us a Fun Fact about yourself!

I use to be a pageant coordinator and dance choreographer !

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