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Erica lipworth
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Erica lipworth

While completing a BScH/BEd in biology and math at Queen’s University, I taught in Moosonee, Ontario, a rural indigenous community. Witnessing the scarcity of healthcare practitioners and barriers to best practice procedures in rural, northern Canada, I developed a passion for accessible healthcare. RNAO is a strong force for the development of healthy public policy. As RNAO Associate Delegate, I will spread awareness about conferences from which we can learn ways to better provide care on a micro and macro level.

As a St. John Ambulance Medical First Responder and Instructor, I taught the HCP first aid course necessary for nursing and other healthcare professional education. Here, I effectively communicated with audiences of various ages and backgrounds. As a Queen’s Peer Support Centre Counsellor, I navigated mental health crises with students and directed them to appropriate resources. The professional communication I developed will allow me to appropriately represent UofT at RNAO conferences and relay information to my peers concisely and comprehensively.

I chaired a networking conference for Women in Science and Engineering where a panel of seven women in STEM professions addressed a 200-student audience. It would be a privilege to draw upon my experience to plan RNAO learning and networking events and relay information to my peers timeously to enrich our valuable free time.

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