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claire gallagher
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claire gallagher

My name is Claire Gallagher and I am running for the Junior Director of Communications position within the University of Toronto’s Nursing Undergraduate Society. Like you, I am a first year nursing student here at the Bloomberg Faculty; however, it still feels a bit strange for me to introduce myself in that way. Until recently, I'd always identified as a liberal arts student. I graduated with a BA in English Literature from Brock University in 2013 and went on to work for PUMA in Germany on its international PR team, where I worked to strengthen brand awareness through integrated communication plans across both global and specific business units. Most recently, I worked as the Communications Advisor for the Federal Public Service Health Care Plan in Ottawa. As the primary point of contact for the plan’s 600,000+ members, I interpreted its complex medical benefits and services into clear and compelling member-centric content across print and digital platforms. Now, in this next chapter that is nursing school, I am eager to translate my background and specific skill set into the Junior Director of Communications role. If elected, I promise to be a positive addition to NUS, working hard alongside the Senior Director of Communications, Juliana Chun, to communicate all the exciting announcements, opportunities, and events available to us as nursing students!

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