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Lauren Santangelo


Lauren Santangelo

I believe I would be a great addition to your NUS team as an RNAO delegate because of my love for learning, as simple as that sounds. This role requires an eagerness to find learning and networking opportunities, a drive to help others get access to information that appeals to their interests, and a passion to get involved in improving our health care system. I possess all these qualities and would be grateful to put them into action in the context of enriching our nursing education. Working in long-term care and substance-use treatment have taught me how important learning more about all areas of healthcare is.

I am committed to learning more about navigating the RNAO resources we have access to with our student memberships and communicating this knowledge to everyone. It would be my pleasure to plan informative, helpful, and fun events to keep everyone updated about what this organization is up to, discuss RNAO media releases and political action, and share how we can all participate and learn together via networking events and learning workshops. I would always be looking for input about what areas of nursing you are interested in and encourage everyone to reach out to me after events. I see this as an opportunity to not only help everyone access RNAO resources, but to connect with more of my classmates! I hope you seriously consider me for this position and vote for me!

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