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Nathan Jeffery

Fat "lucky" Malazogu

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Nathan Jeffery

I am a keen learner and individual who is open to new experiences. As a recent Psychology graduate, I bring a unique understanding of the importance of community and connection amongst groups and individuals. These aforementioned factors substantiate my rationale for why I believe that I am a perfect fit for RNAO Associate Delegate position.


My prior experiences with accessibility advocacy in academic settings, collaboration on student initiatives surrounding diversity and equity, as well as my affinity for building community partnerships, demonstrates my suitability for working on behalf of and representing my peers. Learning from others, sharing knowledge, resources, and strengthening relations are some the key aspects I would strive to achieve in order to make the most out of this position. I know that with my breadth of experience and continued openness – I would represent our student cohort in a competent and genuine manner.


It would be a privilege to promote the RNAO to the student body and engage with my fellow students on the many benefits available to them through the RNAO. If I am so fortunate as to be elected to this position, I will utilize important skillsets I possess including self-awareness, empathy, and tenacity to bring about the most substantial and realistic benefits for my peers.

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