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Wellness Coordinator

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While attending Brock University I had the opportunity to work for Student Health Services as a Peer Health Educator. Through this organization I became an advocator in three domains: Mental Health, Sexual Health, and Drugs and Alcohol. I applied this knowledge through presentations, weekly campaigns, programs, and campus-wide events directly targeting the student population. I volunteered my time at Brock through Brock Ringette as the Assistant Captain, Niagara skating programs (Learn to Skate), disability programs (SNAP), senior exercise programs (Senior Fit), and became an influential leader for at-risk youth (IMPACT). I was
fortunate enough to be able to take a course in Mental Health and Addictions where I received my Mental Health First Aid certificate through the Canadian Mental Health Association. For the past year I applied these skills while I worked alongside a family health team as a Medical Office Assistant. Evidently my previous work and volunteer experiences have abetted my success and knowledge in various health domains through all age sectors further idolizing the importance of health and wellness. Partnering my skills with my dedication and perseverance to create a
supportive and inclusive environment, I know I will be an influential candidate for the position of the NUS Wellness Coordinator.

As the Wellness Coordinator, my main priority would be assessing the wants and needs of our class and further organizing health and wellness activities based on the results. Some health
and wellness activities could include: goat yoga, puppy therapy, mindfulness practice(s), a sporting event (Jays/Raptors), paint night, wellness educational talks, mini massages, craft nights, camping, day trips, a spa night and more! Although I have many ideas I really want to work together and determine high areas of interest that will best suit all of our needs! 

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