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global health Second year representatives

2 available positions

Enoch Mcatee

Mabel Zheng

Benji Finestone


Enoch Mcatee

Hello future leaders and advocates! Our world is increasingly becoming globalized, national issues such as: war, natural catastrophes, infectious disease, and human trafficking are no longer enclosed within a country’s borders, but rather, affect all of us. As nurses, we are uniquely positioned to be forerunners and campaigners of positive change within our local and global community. As your Global Health Representative, I want to keep you informed on current global health issues that affect health and wellness, while also displaying international advances in nursing research through newsletter or blog posts. 


I intend to put together a Global Health Conference and seminars where Global Health nurses can share their diverse experiences of working internationally and providing critical humanitarian aid. To engage the student body, I am determined to organize global health volunteer opportunities to encourage student action. Thank you!

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