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Global Health Representative

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4.  Shara Birnbaum

My name is Shara, and I’m running to be one of your Global Health Reps!

Some background about me: I did my undergrad at Queen’s, in Life Sci and English. Here, I volunteered with Friends of MSF (Doctors Without Borders), and learned about the kinds of work that are required and facilitated overseas. I also did my Masters at U of Guelph, and my roommate just participated in Global Vets, where she was able to support animal clinics in less developed countries. Both of these experiences led me to question where nurses fit into the conversation.

While I don’t have a lot of experience, global health is area that I’m really passionate about, and I’m so excited to discover where our nursing education can take us. I promise to learn along side you, to keep everyone up to date, and to ensure that we are aware of these opportunities when they arise.  

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