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Global Health Representative

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5.  Danielle Lyle

Hello Class of 2020! My name is Danielle Lyle and I hoping to be one of your First Year Global Health Representatives.


My background is in the field of social science, I majored in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Guelph, graduating in the Spring of 2018.

Anthropology focuses on a variety of social issues, such as those pertaining to; personhood, equitable treatment, ethics, unbiased analysis, and policy implementation. Over my four years in academia I’ve been heavily involved in research surrounding medical anthropology, which has a large emphasis on how medical practices and health beliefs differ cross-culturally. I believe this skillset make me a good candidate for our NUS council!

Throughout my time at Guelph I was involved in a variety of intercultural opportunities that focused on diversity, inclusivity, access, and creating a nurturing environment. A couple of these opportunities include my semester abroad in Asia, where I was able to live in a new culture and pick up elementary comprehension of a brand-new language. As well as my experience being a volunteer in the LINK program – which allowed me to interact with new exchange students and help them become familiar with Canadian customs and values.


It’s a privilege to be running for one of the two positions of First Year Global Health Rep! I hope that as a member of this Global Health team, we can create a nursing environment in where we can definitely examine, debate, and talk about our surrounding global family. I believe that as healthcare providers - we are intermittently connected with our surrounding network of caregivers, and as a result we should be able to tell our respective stories.


Thanks for reading!   ☺

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