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first year equity coordinator

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noelle leon-palmer
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noelle leon-palmer

My name is Noelle Leon-Palmer and I am from Ajax, Ontario. I am running for the first year equity coordinator position. I have an undergraduate degree in biology and a masters degree in zoology, with a focus on neurobiology and energy balance. I completed both degrees in the states, at the University of Maine. During my time in Maine, I was very interested in bioethics, and the ability for the American medical system to provide ethical and equitable care to patients.


I shadowed a bioethicist in my senior year and consequently started the graduate bioethics club at my school when I started my graduate program. I have a passion for bioethics, specifically just medical access to populations who have been marginalized within the health care system. I hope to eventually work in either palliative care or as a clinical bioethicist.  I would love to be equity coordinator so that I could try to use the skills that I have already acquired during school, and at the same time learn how the nursing faculty can improve equity for the nursing students. In addition, I am excited to hear from all of you on what you consider an equitable learning atmosphere, so that I can make sure that your voices are heard within that discussion. I hope you consider voting for me!

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