global health first year representatives

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Jessica Kushla

Lam-Vien Nguyen

Emily Sherwood

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Jessica Kushla

I am really excited about the possibility of being one of your Global Health First Year Reps! I am passionate about global health and this position would allow me to advocate for a more comprehensive, inclusive approach to healthcare, here and abroad.


During my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University, I was involved with Doctors Without Borders and International Medical Relief of Children.  I was able to attend conferences and club events that gave me a broader view of what global health entails. After graduating from the Queen’s life science program, I took a year off from school during which time I volunteered for two months at a hospital in Tanzania. I was able to do medical outreach in remote communities and I shadowed professional doctors and nurses in a hospital setting, getting to see what their roles entailed. This experience allowed me to gain first-hand insight into nursing practices internationally and it allowed me to learn more about global healthcare issues and challenges. 


NUS offers a unique opportunity to get involved in the U of T community and hopefully, the chance to get to know all my new nursing peers! I’m very excited about what I could bring to the Global Health Representative role and with your support, I promise to represent the class of 2022 with enthusiasm and commitment!


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