global health first year representatives

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Anisha Amirthan

Alana Kohut

Jennifer Torres Velasquez


Anisha Amirthan

Hi everyone, I’m Anisha (she/her)! A little bit about me, I did my undergrad in Kinesiology at Western, I have two dogs that are basically my personality, and I have a tattoo on my wrist of a glyph symbol for empathy. Two of my core values are empathy and inclusion. As most of you, I always knew that I wanted to be in a career that involved helping people. This tattoo serves as a reminder to myself to always act with compassion. In my time at Western I got to work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, MEDLIFE, and Student O-Week. Also, I got to volunteer as a teacher in underprivileged communities in Poland. I was quite literally given a chance to live in the shoes of another. This opportunity allowed me to reflect on my identity as a Canadian and how social determinants of health vary globally. As your First-Year Global Health Representative, I plan to not only highlight international healthcare issues, but also what we can do as future nurses to impact and increase awareness of them. As we learn about global health issues, I will ensure marginalized voices within Canada are also heard. I believe we cannot fully make a difference globally until we recognize disparities within our own community, such as those affecting Indigenous communities. As future nurses, we all have a responsibility to combat health inequity and I hope to help us learn how we can tackle it together! J