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IHI Associate Delegate

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2. Jennifer CAnO

After completing my undergraduate degree at University of Ottawa in Health Sciences, I decided to gain further research experience by pursuing an MSc in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences at University of Ottawa. My qualitative thesis focussed on women’s reproductive and sexual health services, specifically in rural, remote, and northern regions of Canada; I gained insight into the nuances of health care access in these regions. My research lab focussed in “action-oriented” research, therefore research findings specifically identified and informed avenues to improve health service availability and access. I had the opportunity to travel to Yukon Territory to meet with stakeholders working in women’s health, where we discussed facilitators and barriers to care and possible solutions.


After completing my Master’s degree, I was drawn to learn more about Indigenous health and to experience life in Canada’s north. I moved across the province to Kenora to work as a Public Health Coordinator with a First Nations organization. Through this position, I gained experience in health program planning and evaluation. I worked alongside provincial, federal, and Indigenous committees to explore innovative models and partnerships for health promotion and care in First Nations communities.


In my volunteer roles, I have training in mental health outreach, volunteering as an Intervention Team Leader with the Ottawa Distress Centre and a Crisis Line Responder with the Kenora Sexual Assault Centre. I provided advanced first aid as a certified Canadian Ski Patroller on the slopes and at sporting events in Kenora, and was a Coach and Board Executive with the Kenora Rowing Club.


My academic, work, and volunteer experiences thus far have instilled in me a passion and keen interest in health care improvement. Working with historically marginalized populations from a number of angles and disciplines, I look forward to bringing these experiences into my position on the Nursing Undergraduate Society. I am a proud Canadian and recognize the strengths of our healthcare system, but also look forward to challenging the status quo and exploring avenues to improve efficiencies, quality, availability, and access. As the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Associate Delegate, I plan to bring my strong work ethic, communication skills, and optimism as I contribute to healthcare quality improvement.

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