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IHI Associate delegate

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Kirthana Aila


Kirthana Aila

Hi, my fellow nursing students! 

This is Kirthana, and I am running for the Institute of Healthcare Improvement associate delegate this year to learn more about improving healthcare by working with other healthcare professionals. I chose nursing for reasons very similar to yours, I wanted to deliver effective patient care and move healthcare away from simply following doctor’s orders to a collaborative partnership between healthcare professionals. Through this experience, I hope to learn more about patient safety, tips to reduce medical errors and implement that to ensure a safe medical experience. I would love to gain experience through this to be in a leadership position in healthcare to learn about risk factors to patient safety, improve the quality of care that others receive and focus on prevention rather than treating illnesses through medications. I love learning, teaching others, and empowering them to question anything suspicious and take control of their health/body. I hope to lead opportunities involving healthcare quality improvements to provide an opportunity for everyone to gain knowledge from the experience and implement it in their practice to ensure high-quality care for others. Remember, the patient that swallowed 38 antibiotics due to “medical orders” could have been anyone of us, but the future of health care does not have to be that way if you know when to question.

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