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Athletics Representative

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1. anita chan

Hello class of 2020! I am Anita Chan and I’m running for first year athletics representative. I completed my Honours Bachelor of Science here at UofT St. George doing a double specialist in neuroscience and psychology. Now, I’m in nursing because it has deep career exploration paths, I can take it with me anywhere around the world, and nursing will give me a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment.

Armed with plenty meaningful leadership experiences, I will be an excellent athletic representative because I’m organized, responsible and will focus on what you guys want. Previously, I was the president of The University of Toronto Dance Club, president of my high school athletic council, and co-captain of my high school’s ultimate frisbee team. Healthy active living is an integral part of my life as I continue to stay active by swimming. I have a strong passion and desire to promote athletics and love a little adrenaline. One cool thing I did over the summer was bungee jump and it was an amazing experience.

If I am chosen as the new first year athletic representative, I will schedule a variety of sports in a convenient location and at times when most students can attend. As nursing students, it would also be cool to experience what it is like to have a disability. Many people with disabilities regularly participate in active sports such as wheelchair basketball. If I am elected as the new first year athletic representative, I will bring novel and interesting ideas like this to the table and strive to make it happen. Thanks for taking the time to read my candidate profile. Please support me by voting!

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