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IHI Associate Delegate

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1. Peter Luong

Hello everyone, my name is Peter, and I recently graduated from UofT with an HBSc in Human Biology and Nutrition. I am also currently the Director of Communications for the UTIHI and have been with the chapter for two years and continuing. This position allows me to represent the official IHI organization, a self-sustained leading innovator, convener, partner, and driver of res​ults in health and health care improvement worldwide. Although patients and consumers of healthcare services aren’t typically thought of when speaking about marginalized groups, I believe that their unique position and evolving social situation carries a certain stigma with the acquired patient status.

                  Our chapter has allowed me to advocate for Canadian patients. Every year we host a series of interprofessional education (IPE) seminars and workshops that educate aspiring healthcare professionals and raise awareness on issues directly affecting the patient population in local settings. A unique seminar I remember was on mindfulness and allowed us to reflect on the patient perspective, with case studies and quotes from interviewed patients. We also spoke about alternative terms to the word “patient” and how to address them in kinder, conscientious ways.

                  In a similar vein, this year we will be focusing on the opioid crisis. Exclusively heard through this platform, we have plans to hold a panel of healthcare professionals but this time, bringing in the patient experience and allowing this marginalized status to be recognized in a more personal and humane way. Not only does this provide a unique opportunity for the patients who struggle with opioids, it also provides me with the humbling opportunity to create a platform that allows for their voices to be heard.

                  Furthermore, as Dir. Of Communications, I raise awareness on social issues related to healthcare. We partnered with a local family physician, Dr. Iris Gorfinkel, who’s petitioning for patient rights and accessibility to electronic medical records (EMR), as well as their right to know their prescription prices and options prior to standing afront the pharmacy checkout counter. In petitioning, we empower those who are afraid to speak up, and represent their voices in an encouraging and inspiring way.

                 Additionally, if you’re looking for additional elective IPE credits, the UTIHI will be hosting several sessions this school year, so subscribe and stay updated on our events! Also, we have Quality Improvement (QI) projects for students to conduct research under the direction of healthcare professionals in local hospitals. If you’re interested in gaining relevant skills and experiences to enhance your nursing resume, subscribe to us on, or email me (

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