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Sandra Gijidharan

Olena Zubrytska - Headshot (IPE)

Olena Zubrytska

Hi my name is Olena!


I did my undergrad in Health Sciences at UOttawa, and as one of many people in the Nursing program from a health background, Interprofessional Education is really important to me. I'm excited to collaborate with other members to plan both professional learning activities and workshops in different health disciplines as well as some fun networking events. I'd like to build on events from previous years such as splinting workshops, healthcare career fair, trivia and game nights, blue jays games, and bar nights where you can meet and get to know students from other health programs. As nursing students, it's important we get involved both professionally and socially with other students that we'll be working with in the future, and I would love to help set up these opportunities for you. If you have any questions or suggestions for me, feel free to contact me @_olena.z :)

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