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RNAO Associate Delegate

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1. Danielia BuI

My name is Danielia Bui and I am running for the position of RNAO Associate Delegate. The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario is structured to promote excellence in nursing practice and expand nurses’ contribution to shaping the healthcare system. As students in the Bloomberg nursing program, the cost of membership in the RNAO is covered through student society tuition fees, which is why I want to make it my responsibility to make sure that nursing students are aware of all of the benefits available to them.


I am a recent McMaster graduate from the Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization program. During my time at McMaster, I kept myself active by playing on the Women’s Football team and by joining the Canadian Armed Forces, where I currently work as a medic. When I am not studying or working, I like to wind down by spending time with friends, being active (especially outdoors), and EATING. I am really looking forward to growing together over the next two years!

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