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Junior Director of Finance

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2. Ben Le

Hi everyone, my name is Ben Le and I am running to be your Junior Director of Finance. I have been working in the Office department of a Long-Term Care Facility for about 3 years now, and was the Office Manager for 6 months. In this role, I oversaw scheduling, payroll, and managing the budget for all operations/office supplies. I am very familiar with accounting and budgeting processes and procedures; processing petty cash expenses, employee expense reports, monthly cash reconciliations, etc. I also oversaw the home’s external KPMG audit last year, and honestly my mom is an accountant so it’s basically in my DNA. I believe I will be an excellent support for Keshia, the Senior Director of Finance, and will ensure to follow best practices to uphold NUS’ fiduciary duty to the students.


P.S: I hope using a puppy photo in my campaign photo is fair (her name is Yubi and she’s a Vizsla)

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