claudia molinaro

What are your goals for advancing equity within NUS/Bloomberg?

My goals for advancing equity within NUS/Bloomberg would be to form an environment that is adaptable to the needs, preferences and wishes of each individual student. I aim to create this environment by listening to the needs and wishes of the students and utilizing my resources to empower each student. I would keep in mind that the most important aspect of my position is to listen to the students and understand what they wish, and tailor the resources I implement based on the preferences and needs of the students. I would very much like to ensure that all student’s feel welcome within our NUS/Bloomberg community, regardless of their ability, sexual orientation, sexual preference, ethnicity, culture, social status or another circumstance. I would love to hold monthly student–led meetings to hear from the students and understand what they wish to see us implement to better facilitate an equitable environment. These meetings will empower students to have a voice in shaping which resources we implement to aid them.


In addition, I believe it would be helpful to have speakers come in and provide elective workshops for students to attend. These workshops would be aimed around varying subjects such as: how we can be allies to members of LGBTQQIAAP members, Indigenous individuals, individuals with varying ability levels, marginalized individuals, individuals with mental health illnesses, etc. I strongly believe that by having these workshops it will allow students to feel more confident in talking about these topics and will arm them with the language and knowledge to do so. By providing students with the knowledge and language to discuss these topics it will allow further effective discussions to occur and will lead to the identification of the needs of our students. This will ultimately help us install the right resources to help empower our community further.

Do you have personal experience of marginalization and/or empowering those who have been marginalized? 

I have been honoured with the amazing experience of being a health promotions committee member this current academic year. I have facilitated several health promotion workshops at the West Neighbourhood House for members of the community who are under serviced. For example, at one workshop, after talking to an individual disclosed to me that they were displaced from their home and had no access to their medications. I was able to inform the individual about the Imagine Clinic’s free services and walked with the patient over to the clinic. This experience displays my involvement in empowering those who have been marginalized, by fostering a beneficial relationship, in which I was able to provide resources for the individual to receive the services they needed and wanted.


Further, I have also volunteered within the TDSB Inner City Model Schools Program and helped facilitate, organize and conduct several school trips to the Toronto Zoo, in-­‐school Zuumba classes, Parent and Child Math Nights, etc. In order to empower and provide marginalized students with the resources they voiced they wanted to have access to. Additionally, In March of 2017 I partnered with the Center for Aboriginal Student Services at York University and organized a school wide “Minute of Unity for Aboriginal Women’s Mental Health,” awareness event.


In each case, I listened to the individuals’ concerns in an open-­‐minded and non-­‐judgmental manner and tailored my care and response to address their identified needs, wishes and goals. I believe each individuals student deserves the opportunity to work within a community that is accepting, welcoming and able to adapt to each student’s unique needs and wishes. I would be honoured to be a part of NUS in a manner that will facilitate an all-­‐accepting and equitable environment for our students.