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Nursing Student of the Month

April 2018

Bravheen Krishnamoorthy

Year 1 BScN S

 "Brahveen is incredibly supportive and the "cheerleader" of our class. He posts before big exams to remind everyone that their hard work will pay off, we are almost done first year, and to treat ourselves after the exam is done! Brahveen shares resources with the entire class and even shared a lovely message on Valentine's Day! He reaches out to offer support for anyone who is struggling and wants to talk. He uplifts the spirit of all students even when we are in the depths of exams and papers. Your kindness is appreciated more than you know, Brahveen!"


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1. Why did you choose nursing

I have always enjoyed getting to know people on a personal level and understanding the nuanced beauty of each individual. Considering that each individual has a different life journey, I think it is a privilege to be apart of that experience in any capacity. It provides insight into the different meanings of life and how that uniquely manifests for each person. I feel that nursing incorporates that inherent human connection with the complexity of medical diagnoses to understand how that impacts a person's life. I picked nursing for that reason. 


2. Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I enjoy drawing, singing, and baking. 


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Dana Gore

Year 2 BScN Student

"Dana is an all around All-Star! They take stellar notes in class and ask pointed questions of professors. Outside of class, they are approachable and friendly. Recently, they provided a full range of notes for the Microbiology final exam to the entire cohort. Without them, I would have been trying to teach myself 4 weeks of class in one night. Whenever you are unsure about a concept, Dana can explain it clearly and succinctly. They epitomize what it means to be a studious student. Thank you Dana for all your help and support these past 2 years."


Learn more about Dana!

1. What field of nursing are you pursuing? 

Community nursing, probably primary care. 

2. Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

I was a circus performer as a child. 


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