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Nursing Student of the Month

september 2018

Alicia Park

Year 2 BScN


" Alicia is a model nursing student and an all-around great person. She excels in clinical placements by never failing to lend a helping hand. Having had two clinical placements with her, I can safely say Alicia was my go-to person. She has always been eager to help, learn from, and teach other students. Alicia not only works hard in school and clinical, but works with children with complex care needs and devotes her spare time to tutoring youth. From sharing notes, to assisting with baby baths and bed baths, Alicia has been there for me and other peers without a second thought. One particular moving moment was when I observed Alicia work with a patient with cancer for whom English was a second language. Alicia's patience and compassion were quickly evident when she used Google translate to communicate with her patient and managed to put a smile on her face. She continued to build a genuine bond with her patient and helped her immensely. Alicia is an inquisitive learner who takes up a keen interest in her patients and you can find her Google search history marked with all sorts of diagnosis-related phrases. She is one of the most positive people I know with an infectious smile. On a side note, she makes an amazing batch of Ruffles-Rice Krispy Treats (don't knock it 'til you try it). Keep up the awesome work Alicia, you're amazing!!!." 

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1. What field of nursing do you want to pursue? 

I'm still not fully sure yet, but I'm leaning toward acute care nursing for adults/geriatrics. 

2. Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

I backpacked around Europe for about 3 months without any electronic devices because both my cell phone and laptop decided to die on me during the first week of my trip! 

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