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Nursing Student of the Month

October 2018

Mansi Bhatt

Year 1 BScN

“Mansi always has a smile on her face from 9am lectures to 5am clinical. Not only that but her smile is super contagious so you’ll always find yourself in a better mood when she’s around. She is always full of energy and willing to help out her peers. She often participates in lab and makes learning fun for everyone and is always willing to help out when someone has a question. In class, she actively listens and finds helpful and relevant material from her undergrad courses to share with her peers. Her overall friendly and caring personality is why she should be October’s Student of the Month!”


Learn more about Mansi:


1. What field of nursing do you want to pursue?

It’s still quite early to tell where I want to take my nursing career. However, I have always had an interest in working with babies and new mommies. On the other hand, I am also interested in medical surgery BUT I also want to be involved with Global Health. I guess time will tell where I end up!


2. Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

I really enjoy hiking, listening to podcasts, taking naps, playing with dogs, watching This Is Us, and cracking jokes with my family and friends (they don’t think I’m funny but I do so they don’t really have a choice).

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Mike Best

Year 2 BScN

"During our time in school Mike has consistently been there to support his peers. Specifically during placement we had an incident where a youth came in with a suspected overdose, and subsequently collapsed on the floor. Due to his fast action we were able to help this youth recover, call the ambulance, and seek quick medical attention. He was compassionate and kind to this homeless youth, who really need love kindness and attention; all of which Mike so kind-heartedly provided. He is a father of 4 and is still able to manage going to school, being a great father, and a supportive peer."


"Michael acted as a first responder during an overdose incidence at clinical. Using the knowledge, skill and judgement he attained from the nursing program he was able to mediate an emergency situation with confidence and skill. Michael is kind and caring man who works very hard to be the best nurse he can be."


"Michael is such a sweet soul who has been so supportive of my learning while being in the program. I have had two placements with him and each time I was with him, he would always encourage me to do my best. Even during the days that I was not feeling the best, he found ways to make me laugh and brighten my day. He is a great team member and hard worker. We always learned together and he always strived to teach me new things in a way that I could understand. He made placements and class together an enjoyable experience. He is a pretty quiet guy but he deserves to be recognized. Michael rocks!!!"


"There are many more instances I can think of to support his nomination, but I think this one best exemplifies who Mike is a person and who he will be as a nurse. In our community placement, one of our regular youth clients fell ill and required emergency personnel. Long before they arrive, Mike had already done a quick assessment of vitals, respectfully asking questions to get a sense of what was going on and documenting the timeline of events to make sure he had a record to pass on to EMS if the client's condition worsened. Knowing this youth needed to see a doctor, but was unwilling because of past trauma, Mike even offered to accompany them to the hospital to see that they were respectfully and appropriately looked after. Even after they declined a trip to the ER, Mike kept a close-watch on the client throughout the day, checking in from time-to-time to ensure they were getting some much needed rest and nourishment. Outside of clinical, Mike is the definition of studious. He is notorious for spending long nights at Robarts working diligently through assignments and readings, even after our clinical shifts end at 8 pm. He demonstrates genuine concern, commitment, empathy and respect for both clients and his peers, while maintaining utmost modesty and humility. It is an absolute privilege to know and work with him. I cannot think of a more deserving person to be Student of the Month."


Learn more about Mike:


1. What field of nursing do you want to pursue? 

Undecided, but interested in critical care, community health, public health, & mental health


2. Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

I like spending time with my family and rooting for the Raptors (and the Spurs - go Demar!)

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