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Mentorship and Professional Development Coordinator

2 available positions

Kelly Lozovschi - Headshot

Kelly Lozovschi

I firmly believe in the importance of collaboration and guidance in nursing school, which is why I eagerly seek the role of the Mentorship Coordinator. In guiding incoming students, I hope to provide insights I wish I had known initially to help them navigate their journey more smoothly. During undergrad, I mentored students by addressing inquiries and sharing campus resources. With my strong organizational skills and proactive approach to problem-solving, I am well-equipped to coordinate workshops, events, and resources to benefit incoming and graduating students. I will try to alleviate anxiety and uncertainty surrounding the NCLEX-RN exam by offering comprehensive guidance and support as we approach its preparation. My dedication makes me a strong candidate for this position, and I would greatly appreciate your vote as I endeavor to support the success of our nursing community.

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