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Mentorship and Professional Development Coordinator

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Sara Santos

Emily Lush

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Sara Santos

Hi everyone! I'm Sara, your 1st-year Wellness Coordinator, and I am running to be one of the Mentorship and Professional Development Coordinators for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year! What a fast year this has been! We can all look back at who we were a year ago today and remember all the wonders and nerves we felt about becoming nursing students. Before school started, I remember my mentor reaching out to me and I felt such a sense of relief from the positive energy, support, and tips she shared! My transition to nursing was made much easier thanks to her, as she made me feel so at ease. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be a part of creating that experience for future first-year students. Our own knowledge, insights, and skills have given us so many tips to share with our first-day selves. It is my hope to facilitate an amazing mentorship program for the incoming class that supports and encourages them in their transition to nursing. 

As mentorship coordinator, my role would also involve supporting our class through our final year of nursing! It's going to be a busy home stretch, but I'm committed to bringing us NCLEX prep sessions and professional development workshops to strengthen our nursing careers! I look forward to building a collaborative connection between our class and the incoming class to create impactful mentorships with our future classmates and colleagues.

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