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Nursing Student of the Month

January 2019

Connie Irwin

Year 1 BScN

“Connie is the sweetest, most knowledgeable and non-judgmental person I’ve met thus far. Connie takes her time to assist her classmates if they have any questions regarding course material. During our last clinical placements in geriatrics, Connie not only practiced her wound care technique but also took the time to find her group mates so that they could observe,and learn from her. Additionally, she even gave other students the opportunity to perform dressing changes on her patients while guiding them through it while providing positive encouragement. Connie is extremely kind and connects so well with her patients. I can see that they definitely appreciate her company and I always hear laughter coming from her patients' room while she is providing care. She goes above and beyond in everything she does. Words cannot describe the passion she has for this work! She was made for this and it really shows! Not only are her relational skills on point but she is the calm in a storm. No matter how hectic or challenging a situation is Connie remains calm and holds her group together. I can always go to Connie to talk about anything, without worrying about being judged or brushed away. Keep being you girl!”

1. What field of nursing do you want to pursue? 

I’m still deciding... so far I’ve loved all my placements! That being said, I’m hoping to enter into acute care before eventually exploring a nursing career in health systems, programs and policy.

2. Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

I have been playing the violin for 16 years!

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Alex Nunn & Lindsey Lenters

Year 2 BScN

"Alex and Lindsey acted as incredible ambassadors of Bloomberg through their professional and engaging conduct at the Canadian Nursing Student Association’s National Conference. These students attended numerous conference sessions, networked with students and speakers from across Canada and started developing some great “take home” projects to bring back to Bloomberg. 
Additionally, Alex and Lindsey facilitated a 1 hour workshop entitled “Critical Inquiry and Student Leadership in Collaborative Course Design” during which they discussed their work with Dr. Anne Simmons in redesigning NUR351. Their talk was articulate, engaging and facilitated great conversations and connections amongst students from across Canada who were in attendance. These students deserve to be recognized for their excellence not only as Bloomberg representatives but for standing up for the identity of our profession!


Learn more about Alex & Lindsey:


1. What field of nursing do you want to pursue? 

Alex: Labour & delivery or public health nursing.

Lindsey: Community Health Nursing and possibly Emerg!

2. Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 

Alex:  I’m passionate about cooking, baking, pickling & fermenting stuff.

Lindsey: Alex and I will be heading to Northern Ontario together for our final placement. 

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