NUS 2019-2020


Kristyn Armstrong

Vice President

Jessica Goncalves

Senior Director of Finance

Ben Le

Mentorship Coordinator

Jaemaela del Rosario

2nd Year Athletics & Recreation Rep

Ahsher Zeldin

1st Year Global Health Rep

Mulenga Kasutu

2nd Year IHI Official Delegate

Peter Luong

2nd Year UTSU Representative

Sing-Yan Ng

2nd Year Wellness Coordinator

Marissa Steinbergs

Junior Director of Finance

Emma Isai

2nd Year Social Coordinator

Mansi Bhatt

1st Year Athletics & Recreation Rep

Naomi Van Walraven

1st Year Global Health Rep

Meredith McKinnon

1st Year IHI Associate Delegate

Jonathan Young

1st Year UTSU Representative

Katelyn MacDonald

1st Year Wellness Coordinator

Robisa Pulendrarajah

Senior Director of Communications

Juliana Chun

2nd Year Representative

Ankita Bhanderi

2nd Year Social Coordinator

Samantha Li

2nd Year Global Health Rep

Becca McElroy

2nd Year CNSA Official Delegate

Sasha Mazzarello

2nd Year IPE Representative

Tatenda Masama

2nd Year RNAO Official Delegate

Daniella Bui

2nd Year Publications Coordinator

Emily Puddicombe

Junior Director of Communications

Claire Gallagher

1st Year Representative

Marielle Morris

1st Year Social Coordinator

Hailey Vlahos

2nd Year Global Health Rep

Meg Bittner

1st Year CNSA Associate Delegate

Louise Biggar

1st Year IPE Representative

James Mangaliman

1st Year RNAO Associate Delegate

Erica Lipworth

2nd Year Publications Coordinator

Halle Vanderlinde

1st Year Publications Coordinator

Garima Saini

2nd Year Equity Coordinator

Emma Praysner

1st Year Equity Coordinator

Noelle Leon-Palmer

Alumni Liaison

Victoria Porco


Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto

Room 310, 155 College Street

Toronto, ON, M5T 1P8, Canada​

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