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Vivian Li

Vivian Li - NUS Election Headshot.jpg

Vivian Li

Hi everyone, I’m Vivian (she/her) and the current Vice President of NUS! One of the highlights of this year has been being a part of and continuing to build up this incredible nursing community that we have here at the University of Toronto. From our donation drives to therapy dog sessions, it has been amazing seeing students’ generous contributions and unique voices shine through each time. I also had the opportunity to contribute to exciting new initiatives to continue improving students’ experiences, including a Director’s Forum to discuss relevant undergraduate topics and partnering with the Graduate Nurses' Student Society to host a Q&A panel. If elected President, I would be excited to continue building on these initiatives and more. I would also bring other new ideas to this role, such as creating a Fundraising and Sponsorship Subcommittee to fund events like a formal and helping our Global Health Officers implement a student-wide conference to discuss relevant topics like travel nursing. Most importantly, I would be open to any other ideas and feedback that you may have because my priority is making sure that everyone has a fun and fulfilling last year. So please consider voting Vivian for NUS President and thank you for your time!

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