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Hey everyone, my name is Samantha (most of you know me as Sam). It’s your dog loving Jr. Social Coordinator running to be as one of your Sr. Social Coordinators! I learned a ton this year from my fellow NUS members, from our lovely second years and from you guys! I got tons of feedback, both positive and negative and I plan on working towards more accessible, convenient and cost friendly (or free!) events that fit our busy schedules! The nursing family is like no other and I hope to bring you more events that will bring us even closer. Which reminds me…I am SO INCREDIBLY excited to plan orientation, welcome a brand new batch of nurslings and show them what the Bloomberg love is all about! Our orientation was so bomb (thank you second years!) but I also want to hear from you - what you liked or what would you have liked to see. I already have so many ideas and changes I would like to make but if you have any suggestions, questions, feedback or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out in person or through email ( I know I speak for most people when I say this program is demanding and intense, but as your Sr. Social Coordinator, I want to bring you stress free events so you can relax, blow off some steam and remind yourself that together, we will make it! I can’t wait bring you more events and see what fun next year holds for us!