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Second year wellness coordinator

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Robisa Pulendrarajah


Robisa pulendrarajah

Hello my fellow nurses-to-be! My name is Robisa Pulendrarajah and I am running to be your Second Year Wellness Coordinator. Mental health is very close to my heart and I truly believe that mental health is just as, if not more important than physical health. We’re all here for the same reason…to learn, to grow, and to become the best nurses that we can be. If we’re going to be out there in the “real world” taking care of others, it’s essential that we take care of ourselves first. I am passionate about health and wellness as I have personally seen life-changing benefits from practising self-care and self-love. Unfortunately, we will not have our Wellness Retreat this year, however, I hope to arrange this for us next year!


As your Second Year Wellness Coordinator, I will use my passion and strengths to help plan and organize events and programs to promote student well-being. I know with everything going on in the world right now, it can be scary and challenging, but I believe we can all get through this.Whether I get your vote or not, if you need a friend or someone to talk to, I’ll be here!

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