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Saarthi Amin

Hi fellow future nurses! My name is Saarthi, I have already met a lot of you! I would love to be the next Vice President for NUS if you guys select me to represent our cohort! The VP position would allow me to contribute most to NUS because it has lots of flexibility. I have always been a “jack of all trades” kind of person who excels in doing different things whether it's sports, volunteering, working, or extracurriculars to keep things a bit new! I believe different experiences bring something new each time for everyone!
My main goals in this position would be to help create, find, & advocate for multiple opportunities for all of us to get some more hands-on experience outside of clinicals + labs and help build supportive connections for our future endeavors. I would also focus on working with other members of NUS to emphasize more fun events to help relieve some stress from the workload of our “accelerated” program to save our UofTears! I am a quick responder & very approachable so if I am your VP, you would be able to reach out to me for any questions, concerns, or insights anytime and I will definitely make sure they are addressed! “I would love to be your next VP! In a really, really big  -will create lots of unique opportunities involving food, activities, nursing, and fun - kind of a way! So pick me. Choose me. Select me.” Thank you!