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Rahim Hosseini

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Rahim Hosseini

Hey guys! My name is Rahim and I am running for the Vice President role for NUS.


I completed my undergrad in Kinesiology at the University of Windsor where I did an internship with Adapted Physical Exercise Research Group (APEX). The internship was focused on helping individuals with intellectual disabilities to exercise. This involved a lot of communication with the coordinator, the social worker, and most importantly the two individuals I was training. I would set up a workout routine to fit the individuals needs, as well as input their data to determine where improvements were needed in their routines. At the same time, I was an executive member for the Canadian Blood Services Club where I would inform students about the club’s events and help recruit new donors. In addition, I would attend the blood clinic events to support the donors and help raise awareness.


My involvement with these organizations has helped me build strong communication and leadership skills that would make me a good candidate for the Vice President role. I learned to be responsible and efficient with my time, liaise with other helping professionals, and adapt to clients’ needs to provide the best care. These approaches allowed me to develop techniques to recognize my priorities and help improve engagement among students that will support my commitment to the nursing society. 

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