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Vivian Li

Vivian Li - NUS Election Headshot.jpg

Vivian Li

Hi, I’m Vivian and I am running to be your next NUS Vice President! Coming into our nursing program, I was worried about finding a community amidst the ups and down of this fast-paced learning. But over the past month, I have met so many compassionate, talented, and diverse nursing students that inspired me to go beyond my comfort zone and run for this role. As Vice President, my priority would be to encourage and represent the different voices that exist within this student body and to ensure that your various NUS-related needs are met. This includes organizing Lunch and Learns and existing charitable initiatives like the Blood Drive. Working alongside other NUS Officers, I would also like to hear any input about implementing other educational initiatives, community outreach, and volunteering opportunities that align with your personal and professional goals. Essentially, I am always open to hearing and working to implement your ideas and feedback because each student deserves to have a fulfilling nursing undergraduate experience. If elected NUS Vice President, I want to make this community even more supportive and exciting for each student. So please consider casting a vote for Vivian on election day!

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