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Global health first year representative

2 positions

shareese clarke
rebecca doyle
salina jackson
mulenga kasutu
meredith mckinnon
rachel rae
jasmine romero
lynda wu
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shareese clarke

Hi all! I would like to be the Global Health First Year Rep because I discovered my passion for Global Health in the past two years and I truly couldn’t see myself running for anything else.  I want nothing more than to help advocate for this important area of medicine and further explore the global issues that affect the health and wellness in people around the world and locally. I noticed that a lot of us love to travel, and in my travel experience, my eyes were opened to the beauty of this world, but also the many health issues that affect this world.  In having the opportunity to do clinical and basic research in tropical medicine, I was able to attend conferences that address these global health issues and was lucky to see the wide scope that global health and tropical medicine covers and the impact it can make around the world.  There is great value and importance of global health and there is a need to continue this conversation and come together to make a difference and help others globally and locally.  If I were elected, I would search for as many opportunities as I could to see how we can begin to contribute to positive changes in global health issues, even as students.  All of those interested in global health could use me and the other representative as a resource to acquire more knowledge and have a space to share that knowledge with a group with similar goals!

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