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first year publications coordinator

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Susan Le

Amanda Marcinowska

Deniz Tokgoz


Susan Le

Hello, Class of 2023! My name is Susan, pronouns she/her, and I am running for the First Year Publication
Coordinator at NUS. Before deciding to become a nurse, I was a trained medical animator and illustrator, which
meant I designed, drew, and animated a lot of cool scientific content. I’ve also had the opportunity to be editor
and chief layout artist for several student publications including UofT’s Toronto Notes and my alma mater, UofT’s
Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC), 75th Anniversary Catalog. I’ve been a project
manager at AXS Studio, a medical animation studio, for the last 4 years. In my previous work, I coordinated many
print publications and gained experience working with publishers and advertising agencies. Additionally, I
absolutely love taking part in community-based teams, which has previously lead me on the path of being a
resident advisor and president for my master’s alumni association. I want to continue my involvement, so I thought,
what better way than to join NUS and help with creating this year’s yearbook. The pandemic also gave me a lot of
time to pick up photography as a hobby, and I would love to have the opportunity to put my learnings to practice. I
hope I can contribute to the NUS team and keep my creative skills sharp, by being your First-Year Publication
Coordinator. Looking forward to meeting everyone regardless!

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