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Ramanjit Deol

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Ramanjit Deol

Hi everyone! My name is Ramanjit Deol, but my preferred name is Raman (pronounced like ramen noodles!). I am interested in running for the NUS first year publications coordinator position.


I’m a creative spirit that enjoys photography and creating graphic designs for initiatives that I work with. I act as a personal photographer for my friends to ensure that I catch them at their most natural and beautiful moments. In this position, I wish to use these skills to capture moments that show what NUS is all-about, showcasing our students, faculty and partners.


While doing my practicum at Parkwood Institute I was tasked with creating posters for academic, informative and social events. I was able to use the marketing skills I developed through North Park’s IBT program to create engaging advertisements that would capture the attention of employees and residents. I want to bring these skills to the position of publication coordinator to ensure that students are informed about events and opportunities that can be found on campus through aesthetically pleasing posters.


To be an ideal candidate for this position, I believe you have to have good communication and collaborations skills, and are willing to take constructive criticism from peers. I'm excited to bring my creativity, energy and positive vibes to the NUS team!

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