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Second year publications coordinator

2 available positions

Amanda Ha - Headshot

Amanda Ha

Hello Class of 2025! My name is Amanda, and I am so excited to be running for Senior Publications Coordinator. I am currently one of the Junior Publications Coordinators for NUS and would love to continue my work here! As a Publications Coordinator we’re responsible for our yearbook and creating dope visual content. A little about me, I graduated from York for Health Studies, however, during my time there, I discovered my love for digital illustrations. Lately, I’ve been really into scrapbooking. I also designed the yearbook for my class in high school! I put in 110% to anything I’m passionate about, and I’m very passionate about giving back to my fellow classmates and contributing to our academic journey in a fun and uplifting way! If given the opportunity, I promise that our yearbook will be an amazing trip down memory lane and that I’ll give my all to this position!

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