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first year publications coordinator

3 positions

Allie Coombs

Parveen Dhillon

Samantha Rapson

Amanda Ha

Allie Coombs - Headshot (Publications)

Allie Coombs

I am Allie Coombs (she/her) and I am running to be one of your Junior Publications Coordinators this 2023-2024 school year!


I am a 2022 kinesiology graduate from the University of Waterloo. Previously in high school, I was involved in student leadership where I had similar responsibilities. My tasks entailed keeping informed about upcoming events and news occurring at the school and relaying this information via the morning announcements. This title additionally required the production of posters and social media posts for special events. Although this position is comprised of many skills I have exuded in my past, I am excited to gain an increased knowledge specifically in the negotiating and graphic design aspects surrounding this role. Learning from my previous undergrad, I am not waiting to get involved at UofT and I am so excited to study with all of you over the next 2 years!

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