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Katelyn mcdonald

katelyn macdonald

As a student at the University of Waterloo, Katelyn was elected to be President of the Environmental Students Graduate Association. As the EGSA President, she attended faculty meetings and worked with the Dean of the Faculty of Environment to voice the opinions and concerns of students.  She organized academic and social events, and motivated and engaged her peers to communicate with the faculty via these monthly meetings.


After graduating, she joined Esri, working in their technical support team for their flagship software products.  Here she worked directly with a variety of clients and learned how to effectively communicate as establish relationships with people in all fields and positions.  She was part of an internal mentorship program and mentored new hires and helped them advance their careers and succeed at their position.


As your UTSU First Year Representative, she will act as a liaison between the UTSU and the first-year class, ensuring that you get the most out of the benefits provided to nursing students by the UTSU.  She has the leadership, initiative, and experience to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the UTSU perks and remain informed about all the activities and services. She’s excited to represent you!



Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto

Room 310, 155 College Street

Toronto, ON, M5T 1P8, Canada​

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