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First year representative

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Javeria Bana


Javeria Bana

Hi guys! My name’s Javeria and I’m running to be your first-year representative. I want to play an active role in supporting all first year nursing students and provide a space where all voices are heard. I will do a great job representing all of you and making sure we are creating a positive environment for everyone. I know how overwhelming this program could be, so I also want to help coordinate social events that could give us an outlet to connect and have fun together. I’m a very social person so I would love to be involved in the planning of our nursing formal since we all deserve to have the best time ever after working so hard. If that’s not convincing enough, a few things about me is that I love marvel, I’m obsessed with romanticizing Toronto, and I love meeting new people. All the things that will make me an amazing first year rep for you because I will endlessly talk to each one of you. Take the step, and vote Javeria for first year rep ☺ 

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