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Paula Rasiulis - Headshot

Paula Rasiulis

Hello my amazing class of fellow future RNs! My name is Paula and I am so delighted to be running for the position of Second Year Representative for NUS. I am currently the First Year Representative and would be honoured to continue my position. So far, I am creating and organizing the winter apparel. A quick background about me; I graduated from the University of Guelph in 2019, majoring in Human Kinetics. During my time there I gained experience being a 2nd and 3rd year representative, as well as the merchandise designer and promoter for our association's apparel. Alongside this, I also taught many fitness classes at the school gym where I would encourage, motivate and instruct students. I am a very social, bubbly and energetic person. If you allow me this opportunity I can assure you I will do my absolute best to make sure your year is as exciting and rewarding as possible!

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