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Julia Zheng

Ram Upadhyaya


Julia Zheng

Hey class of 2024! My name is Julia (she/her), and I will be running to be your second-year representative.


As first year is quickly coming to an end, I have realized that I have met some of the most amazing people during orientation, socials, and clinical. I wish to recreate this experience for the incoming first years and open new opportunities for the second years to connect with more peers!


If elected second year representative, I want to emphasize social events that will encourage students to come out and have fun such as board game nights, themed escape rooms, picnics, and bring to you an unforgettable formal. You can count on me to design trendy merch for the program as I have a solid foundation in graphic design and have created merch for non-profits in the past. Additionally, I have extensive experience marketing and orchestrating organized events with various clubs and organizations. Second year may be a stressful time but let’s make it a memorable year by voting Julia. Thank you!

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