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Rachelle Eldik

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Rachelle Eldik

Hello nursing friends! My name is Rachelle Eldik and I am running to be our First Year Social Coordinator.


We could go into my background of graduating from Western University in 2019 with a major in Medical Sciences in Biology but I am more interested in telling you about the things that are more personal to myself. I moved to Toronto after graduating (with the intention of pursing a Masters at University of Toronto) while knowing only one person in Toronto – let me tell you, it was tough (and it still is). I work part-time as a server at a restaurant downtown (Ruby Soho, in case anyone wants to visit!) which I love to do! I was a camp counsellor for 6 years where I planned exciting days, field trips, and events; although I know we are all adults, I know there is still that inner child within us itching to have a little bit of fun! Throughout my undergraduate degree, I participated in soccer and dodge-ball intramurals, the Pre-Medical Society, the Cancer Awareness Society, and related clubs to get involved!


Being someone who thrives through social interaction, being involved was so important to me and saying that, I would love to provide these types of interactions for our class. Our friendships with one another will be our backbone, strength, and support system to strive in this program; my dearest goal is to facilitate forming these relationships with one another.

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