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Lina-Marie Aquino

Nameera Makani

Jena Ryoo

Sophie Smith

Eugene Xu

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Lina-Marie Aquino

I thought I’d start off with a get to know me. I love talking to people and chances are that if we start talking, I’ll never stop! I
also love popcorn and binge-watching movies and TV series (my COVID past time…I’ve spent way too much time on Netflix this past year). One final get to know me fact is that I love planning events, and for the past 6 years I’ve planned events for
various organizations through high school, university, and in my workplace! One of my fondest event planning moments was organizing an end of the year carnival in high school which had food trucks, bouncy castles, and so much more! It was so fun,
and I loved being able to plan an event that had everyone relaxing after months of hard work. I’ve also planned various holiday parties for my work allowing me to organize fun holiday games and an even better time on the dance floor. Although things have changed since then, I’m hopeful that NUS can plan lots of COVID safe events this year, allowing everyone to connect and make lifelong friendships! Maybe we can have our own virtual popcorn (or your preferred snacks) and movie night! Hopefully you’ll give me a chance to help make this upcoming year be filled with events that allow us to connect, relax, and most importantly make memories!