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Second year Social coordinators

2 available positions

Erica Ruud

Valentina Cavalluzzo

Anissa Yu

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Erica Ruud

Hi everyone! My name is Erica, and I am running for the 2nd year Social Coordinator position. I’m so passionate about socialization and its promotion of mental health and wellbeing, and I think that we can all benefit from being a part of fun socials. I did my undergraduate degree at Western University, and was a part of the SPUR society, a social group for the university, as well as the AGD foundation. Being a part of these organizations allowed me to take part in planning social events, as well as see the positive impact that they made on myself and my peers. I am also currently one of the 1st year social coordinators on NUS. This experience has given me the insight and skills to plan great events and new ideas that I would love to carry over into second year. The difference that partaking in social events can make on mental health is astounding, and our classes wellbeing is my top priority. When implementing events, I want to know what the entire class wants in terms of event types, locations, etc. I hope to plan bi-weekly socials, encompassing all types of socialization. Examples of some fun social events that I’d love to plan include trivia night, bowling, karaoke, workout classes, bar nights, holiday events, etc. I promise to plan great socials that promote connectivity and wellbeing and reflect the desires of all our classmates. Please vote for me! :)

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