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Second year Social coordinators

2 available positions

Rita Smolkin - Headshot

Rita Smolkin

Hello nursing friends! My name is Rita, and I am running to be one of your Social Coordinators! This is probably cheesy, but I am running for this position because of you: every person I met in this program has made a difference in my nursing journey; it is time I returned the favour!  At my previous university, I acted as Clubs Assistant Commissioner, organizing a club crawl involving thousands of first-year attendees. Its success was a reminder of personal capabilities and a demonstration of my dedication to the communities I am a part of. A focus of mine as SoCo would be to provide choice. I want us all to decide a theme for our graduation gala; I want us all to vote on which bar we should go to after patho midterm number too many. Each one of us deserves the opportunity to make our last year in nursing school the best it can be. If elected, I will do my best to facilitate just that!

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