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Social Coordinator

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3.paulina jakuszewski 

hello everyone! My name is Paulina and I’m running for the position of Social Coordinator. I’m from Grimsby, but just moved here from Ottawa. I completed my undergraduate in Health Sciences with a minor in Life Sciences at the University of Ottawa.


A bit about me that makes me suited for the position: I’ve been in a sorority for the past 4 years. While in my organization, I have held various roles that’s similar to the duties of the Social Coordinator. For instance, I’ve been the social chair (organizing social events with my own sisters, other sororities, and fraternities), pubs chair (organizing a club night out as a fundraising event), and formal chair (finding a venue and planning my sorority’s formal evening). 

In addition, I’ve been serving for the past 5 years which is a pretty communicative and social job. This also means I’ve been working in teams for 5 years in both my sorority and my workplaces. I know when to assist and when to compromise. 


As well, I’m an incredibly extroverted individual! I love making new friends and I’m not afraid to approach strangers and strike up conversation. 


Thanks for reading this and considering me for the position!

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